Restaurant Booking Website

A client shared their idea as he found that many of the customers who visit their restaurant have to wait for hours. So, he got an idea to develop a website in which the customers can visit the site and book their table. This website is mainly developed for the people of the UK. Our team developed a website wherein the users can book and reserve their table online, wherever they might me. Users can book their tables according to their preferred location, date and time. Also, the customers can see the menu and the special offers available.







Logistics Firm


Are you looking to build a website for your logistics firm?

Here, sharing you with an idea of a client in which he approached us. The client wanted to make a website for the users so that they can easily track their parcels. The website provides services by all means of transportations i.e. Roadways, Airways, and Waterways. It ensures the groupage, part loads, FTL- services, and delivery of packages at the proper time and good rates. There are distribution warehouses and a heated logistics warehouse for storing goods. Apart from these Hamann also offers a bit of extensive logistic advice. Various activities like supporting and executing various production processes, sorting, labeling, Order packing, etc are done at warehouses. The main concern is to give customers the best services and to entrust their shipments. The policy of providing customers with personalized service forms the basis for future growth in innovative and market-oriented logistics.






Stymie Golf web-app

Want to build a golf web-app?

A web-app developed for the golf lovers, Stymie. Players can register themselves and can play the tournament. Also, prices are awarded after completion of the tournament.

Have a look at its features:
– Tournament name
– Live scores
– Prizes awarded
– Different rules of a scoring system
– Player registration
– Admin panel
– The score is calculated based on HCP, Par and Stroke Index
– Course name
– Players grouped in a flight





Fuel Management Software

For easy managing the data on the Petrol Pump, a software having many functionalities have been developed.

We have checked in depth the pros and cons of the process of the Petrol pump and came to the conclusion to develop such software. Our Petrol pump software is made by keeping each and every minute detail in mind. We believe that by using such software, it will help to expand the business growth, by running efficiently, smoothly and easy managing data.

The features of our Petrol pump management software:
– It maintains the records such as employee details, daily rates of Petrol, Diesel, and Gas, daily earn, how much liters of fuel is sold, and much more.
– It also manages the account of the people who are borrowing fuels and giving payment at the end of the month or the time duration decided.
– Here is an Oil master in which purchase of oil, amount at which it is purchased, stock of the oil, brand name of oil, etc.
– It allows the owner to know the day to day sales of petrol and diesel, how much amount of payments are received, in which mode i.e. online payment, cash or borrowed.
– We can come to know which employee is working at which a number of pumps, at which nozzle, which type of fuel, in what shift and etc.








Health and Fitness App(Physio)

Here, I’m sharing with you a requirement we recently worked on. Nowadays, all the people are very much concerned about their health and fitness, but due to their hectic schedule, they are not getting enough time to go for the Gym or Yoga or other fitness training programs. It too happens that, people avoid their small injury just because they don’t want to visit a hospital as it consumes more time.

To overcome this problem, there was an idea to develop a mobile app in which users can manage things and also consumes less time. I would like to share some of the features with you guys. The module consists of a Physiotherapist module and Patient module.

The application consists of various functionalities such as:

– Login
– Signup
– Program name assigned by the doctors
– Duration period
– Name of exercise and its video.
– The patient will be notified when they have to do the exercise.
– The patient will perform the same exercise as in the video.
– Also, there will be a nutrition section where all the users can get advice for the best nutrient food.
– They can send feedback to the doctor if there is any pain.