How to Add Featured Images or Post Thumbnails in WordPress

Beginners Guide to Featured Images in WordPress

Featured Images or Post Thumbnails is a theme feature. Most themes such as Genesis and others support featured images by default.

An easy way to figure out whether your theme supports featured images is by going to the post editor. Simply create a new post and scroll down a little to see if there is a meta box called featured images on the right hand side of the screen.


Top 5 ASP.NET AJAX Articles You Must Read

If you have missed out on some top articles of ASP.NET AJAX on, then this is a must read for you. The Top 5 articles have been decided by our editorial panel based on the popularity of the article, user rating and top views of the articles. The articles have been arranged based on the total views. I hope you will enjoy reading them, as much as we did while compiling them!!
You cannot call server-side code ‘directly’ from client-side code. That is because by design, the server side code executes at server side and client side code at the client. However there are some workarounds. To call serverside code from javascript, you will need to use AJAX, and the easiest way out, is to use the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions. In this article, we will be using PageMethods to call server-side functions using javascript.
The CalendarExtender is an ASP.NET AJAX control that is associated with a TextBox control. When the user clicks on the TextBox, a client-side Calendar control pops up. The user can then set a date by clicking on a day, navigate months by clicking on the left and right arrow and perform other such actions without a postback. In this article, we will see some tips and tricks that can be applied to a CalendarExtender control.
The behavior of an Asynchronous postback is quiet similar to a synchronous postback. In an asynchronous model, all the server side events occur, as they do in a synchronous model. The Microsoft AJAX Library also raises client side events. However when the page is rendered, asynchronous postback renders only the contents of the update panel, where as in a synchronous postback, the entire page is recreated and sent back to the browser. In one of the previous articles, I had shown how to cancel a Synchronous Postback using ASP.NET. In this article, we will see how to cancel an Asynchronous postback.