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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a 'Total-solution Provider' & Consulting Organization'. We work with clients from various industries to integrate their people, processes & technologies, placing them ahead of their competition

Web Technologies

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Web application development is very high in uses these days and encircling a metaphors that spotlights a vast range of IT-enabled services and engages a norm approach headed for application development. In contemplation of improve the competitiveness, Online companies are looking for sophisticated applications that sooner or later improve simplicity, improves dependability, better portability as well as improved convenience to its clients.

TECHUP’s web application developers have a superior approach towards web application development and are extremely specialist in developing and incorporating proficient solution for companies irrespective of their size. TECHUP SOFTWARE SOLUTION is delighted to offer custom web solutions for a varied group of companies.

Development Methodology Scrum Based Agile

Development Methodology enables Product Owner to review the shippable product on every 15 days with set of working features.

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Product Develpoment

TECHUP SOFTWARE SOLUTION builds special invention with recognized infrastructure and resources. We develop product that are intended to praise your need rather than what we have to put up for sale. Our actions with clients convert the intricate replicas to touchable designs that are assessable and exceptional. Our resources are recognized to be outstanding at identifying key throbbing areas of businesses and bringing solutions that provide to reduce these in the long term. As specialist service providers, we ensure that your application is easily scalable, expandable and safe.
We come together with brilliance, knowledge, and modernism and engineering to module the product.
Our programmers have expert experience in developing different new products and ornamental existing products for the Indian and overseas markets. We have developed various products on platforms such .Net, Sql Server, Access Database.
We have also developed in-house products such as TECHUP PPM – a comprehensive management solution for every type of Fuel Stations and RMS – which helps restaurants and bars to maintain their billing smoothly.

Software Develpoment

Software Development and Enterprise Application Software Development at Techup has always been a final solution for separate requirements of clients’ across domains. With proficient services on software development application, web and mobile app developments, we have collected vast admiration for what we have been conveying to our clients’. Our skill describes triumphant conclusion of on-and-offshore software development jobs on technologies like .Net, HTML5, PHP, Android, iOS, CSS3, Javascript and more.
We are known to enlarge a serving hand all through the development, from assembling information to making it live for use. We attribute ourselves as a trademark that gives custom software development solutions to make sure effectiveness in business processes and hence add to larger productivity. We have a team of a few Smart Brains in the business who always keep their eye for recognizing and fixing the loopholes so as to add to talented performance of applications and developments. We assure our clients’ to offer scalable, extendable and highly secured solutions that give them an extra edge. By far, our services have carved its occurrence in industries namely- Education and e-Learning, Social Networking, Retail, Travel, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Hospitality, HR, SAP etc.

Mobile App Develpoment

Mobile application has become a need rather than a comfort. We are technology boss in the field of mobile applications development. Techup Soft Solution renowned us as one of top 10 mobile application development companies. We are proficient in the development of mobile apps for B2B, B2C & B2E business surroundings. The variety of our multi-podium mobile application services fit everyone, from large ventures & government to small & medium industries. We have developed plentiful mobile applications for different sectors ranging from healthcare to leisure. We have brought high-quality Applications with 100% client happiness. We try hard to serve our clients’ the best mobile applications. We distinguish ourselves with other mobile applications development companies in India in terms of bringing a high-quality Apps with world-class UI/UX.

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Testing & QA

Techup's Quality Assurance & Testing Services assists clients across industry verticals construct tomorrow's QA venture by providing a mixture of alteration models to address the continually changing technology landscape, a structure for package-testing-led company conversion, and new commitment models.

Website Design & Development

For a website to be full-fledged, balanced amount of technical and creative efforts have to be invested to concentrate on the Web Design and Development. A seamless User Interface (UI) and dandy User Experience (UX) is a combination of; Responsive Websites- which are efficient on all devices i.e. the size of which adjusts to fit the screens of all sizes (Laptops, Computers, Mobiles and Tablets)


Whether you want to build up an ecommerce portal with mass of inventory to supervise, or yours is a service-based company having a universal occurrence where employees work on hundreds of projects collaboratively; we make websites for one and all. Our punctual developers are expert to work on latest technologies and therefore make definite your website is characteristic wealthy and responsive.

Enterprise Application Develpoment

Inside vision of the demands stirred by organizations, TECHUP’s Enterprise Solutions are assembled to fit their demanded needs. Our complete enterprise solution allows the business to increase and step forward. Augmented performance, efficient procedure, administered clients are all result of our healthy developments.

SalesForce Develpoment

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM that can turbo-charge your business relationships and transform the working lives of your team. Developed by Marc Benioff in the late 90s and now heralded as the world’s most innovative company, Salesforce wanted to make enterprise software as easy to use as a website and available to all. A lofty goal but does it deliver? We think the answer is a resounding yes..

  • It’s a CRM – helping you create & manage great customer experiences.
    With Salesfore as your CRM, your sales, marketing, and customer service teams can understand every customer and deliver the right message or answer when they need it. By analysing this information, you can make better decisions to close more business, reduce the cost of service, and keep every customer satisfied.
  • It’s in the cloud – so your team can use it anywhere.
    CRM is shifting toward cloud computing and is a leader in cloud computing, offering a complete set of CRM cloud applications, a cloud platform, and a cloud infrastructure – more cost effective for a higher return on investment.
  • It’s so flexible – so you can get it working like YOU want.
    Salesforce gives you complete freedom to customise the CRM for your business. It’s the best way to boost adoption and make sure your CRM apps are working the way you do.
  • We love the AppExchange!
    Salesforce also has the AppExchange – the number one destination for great pre-build business applications – for your CRM and beyond. This is the cloud-computing app marketplace for businesses, developed and hosted by Salesforce. You can get access to thousands of useful, secured and verified applications built by others, or you can even develop and market your own.
  • More than a CRM – a joined up customisable platform for your business so you can make it work like YOU want it to.
    Not just a CRM; it’s a cloud-based platform – a complete IT infrastructure for your business hosted on their servers on top of which you can build bespoke applications to suit your business requirements. You can use Salesforce for just one thing or as a joined up platform for all that you do: a contact management system; a way to manage your sales pipeline; your marketing machine; finance management system? With Salesforce it’s up to you.

Software Maintanance

We have a team of specialist people wholly engaged for outsourced projects that deal with your insights and deliver inventive solutions. Our major goal is to decrease the operations cost with no conciliation on quality and turnaround time. Techup’s industry explicit result deals with core technologies which contains Applications and Software. We bring our service in following domains:

  • Counteractive Maintenance – Fix Bugs
  • Flexible Maintenance – Improve applications and transfer platforms without conflicting existing practices
  • Enrichment – Add new unit or new reports
  • Perfective Maintenance – Invigorate and redraft code for future ease of preservation and raise ability throughout explanation of data and performance regulation.

E-Commerce Application Development

Considering the fast-paced enlargement of ecommerce platforms as a gizmo for promotion products and services, Techup has productively served a great base of clients with major ecommerce apps. We help generate a rich user experience for our clients’ websites to connect more users. For obtaining an ecommerce app of your own, reach us right away!