Fuel Management Software

For easy managing the data on the Petrol Pump, a software having many functionalities have been developed.

We have checked in depth the pros and cons of the process of the Petrol pump and came to the conclusion to develop such software. Our Petrol pump software is made by keeping each and every minute detail in mind. We believe that by using such software, it will help to expand the business growth, by running efficiently, smoothly and easy managing data.

The features of our Petrol pump management software:
– It maintains the records such as employee details, daily rates of Petrol, Diesel, and Gas, daily earn, how much liters of fuel is sold, and much more.
– It also manages the account of the people who are borrowing fuels and giving payment at the end of the month or the time duration decided.
– Here is an Oil master in which purchase of oil, amount at which it is purchased, stock of the oil, brand name of oil, etc.
– It allows the owner to know the day to day sales of petrol and diesel, how much amount of payments are received, in which mode i.e. online payment, cash or borrowed.
– We can come to know which employee is working at which a number of pumps, at which nozzle, which type of fuel, in what shift and etc.







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